The Must-Have, Versatile Chukka To Add To Your Wardrobe Today

What if I could offer you a timeless, one-of-a-kind chukka (a Lean Wardrobe essential) from Allen Edmonds, an incredible American brand with a storied history, that only a handful of people in the world would have?

And what if you could have it for less than what you’d spend buying one of their existing chukka models in stores right now?

Would you be in?!

I know I would.

A one-of-a-kind model

Gents, this is an Allen Edmonds chukka like you’ve never seen, because you literally have never seen this before. Not online, not in stores, not anywhere.

The Must-Have, Versatile Chukka To Add To Your Wardrobe Today

“How do I get my hands on this beauty?” Right here.

You know why? Because it’s a completely new model made from a combination of the best parts of three different Allen Edmonds boots: the Amok, the Mojave, and the Dundee.

This fully custom chukka, made in collaboration with Allen Edmonds and StyleForum, is available only to you and the men’s style community at Massdrop.


What’s Massdrop?

Massdrop is a members-only site (free to sign up) that lets you participate in group buys for awesome products. Not just menswear, either; there are great products from writing instruments to photography and everything in between.

massdrop interests

The more folks that join a drop, the lower the price goes down for everyone in the group.

The built-in community is another cool aspect. You can discuss products with other members, and coolest of all, members can set up voting polls for products they would like to see group buys for.

If a product in your poll gets a lot of votes, Massdrop will reach out to the vendor and try to coordinate a group buy on the site, just like with these Allen Edmonds chukkas.

Here’s exactly what you need to know

About the chukka

  • Brand: Allen Edmonds
  • Welt: Goodyear (can be resoled)
  • Leather: Janus reverse calf leather upper from Charles F. Stead & Co.
  • Last: Allen Edmonds 511 last (classic boot last with a comfortable, fuller, rounded toe)
  • Fit: true to size
  • Butyl-soaked leather outsole
  • Unlined construction
  • Stacked leather heel with dovetailed rubber
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA

How to get your own

Click here, and if you’re not a signed-in member, you will be asked to sign up. It’s free to do so, and you can register with your email, Facebook, or Twitter.

At checkout, you’ll have your choice of size and width. You’ll also have your choice of suede color: Sand, Snuff, or Chocolate. The one you see in this article’s photos is Snuff.

This drop is limited to 500 units.(Only 100 units of the Chocolate colorway are available.)

There are hundreds of thousands who visit this site every month, not including the hundreds of thousands who visit Styleforum and Massdrop. You should grab yourself a pair quickly.

Personal style is all in the details…

If you need to add a dressier chukka to your lean wardrobe this winter, I’d definitely spring for this.

Also works for casual outfits too, of course.

The best way to curate your own personal style is to pay attention to the little details. This shoe is a great example. To outsiders, you’re wearing a regular ol’ chukka boot.

But to those in the know—including you—you’re wearing a limited-edition chukka from Allen Edmonds that only a handful of people in the world own.

And you’re getting it for a great price, much lower than it would ever sell at retail. How cool is that?

Participate in the drop today to get a pair of your very own.



WIN THIS! Allen Edmonds Grayson Loafer or Strand Cap Toe

There’s nothing that elevates an outfit more than a well-made, handsome leather shoe.

And whenever a reader asks what brand he should consider for his first pair of investment-worthy shoes, I always suggest Allen Edmonds.

The company handcrafts shoes stateside in their Wisconsin factory using a labor-intensive, 212-step process. They use a Goodyear welt construction, meaning your shoes are recraftable (simply take care of the uppers and you can have the soles replaced).

If you own a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes, you know they’re built to last years and years.

The Rediscover America Sale is currently going on (till October 25th), so it’s a great time to pick up a couple pairs of new shoes.

Looking for some direction? My two favorites are the classic Strand cap toe (in walnut, of course), and the Grayson tassel loafer (in dark chili).

AE Grayson Tassel Loafer

AE Grayson Tassel Loafer

AE Strand Cap Toe

AE Strand Cap Toe

I love the ease of a slip-on loafer like the Grayson. And I much prefer the sleek, smooth moc toe over the American penny loafer style in most cases (though the Cavanaugh has a handsome profile and comes in great colors).

While it’s not for everyone, the tassels and side lacing are a nice visual detail that add a bit of dandy styling.

The Strand, a cap toe brogue, is an essential style for every wardrobe. The brown color may be more versatile. But I’ve always preferred the cognac color leather. It’s eye-catching and contrasts nicely with grey and navy.

Have room for two pairs in your closet? Go with the Strand for your lace-ups  and the Grayson for your loafers.

A few other suggestions

The great thing about Allen Edmonds is that they have a ton of different models that are all variations on classics. You have a large selection to choose from, and you can’t really go wrong.

Here are a few other suggestions you may want to pick up during the Rediscover America sale, depending on what you’re looking for.

Need a plain, no-nonsense, formal shoe?

AE Carlyle

The fewer broguing and decorative elements on a shoe, the more formal it is.

The Carlyle is an oxford-style shoe with a plain toe, perfect for the business wardrobe or any formal occasion.

A unique yet classic brogue that dresses up or down?

AE Leiden

In case you already have a wing tip (like the McAllister), or maybe you prefer something a bit different, I suggest the Leiden, a long wing brogue. The long wing style isn’t as common as your standard wing tip.

Black for formality, brown for versatility, and walnut to stand out a bit more ?

A classic, casual, and versatile work boot?

AE Higgins Mill

The Higgins Mill is as classic and clean as you can get with a boot, in my opinion. Perfect for both work and weekend.

Grab your favorites before 10/25

Allen Edmonds’ Rediscover America Sale ends on the 25th, so make sure to pick up a pair or three before then.

Oh, and grab some shoe trees while you’re at it. They’ll help draw out moisture and keep your shoes in perfect form so long as you put them in immediately.

Click here to check out the sale »

AE Strand and Grayson

Your Chance To Win a Pair of Allen Edmonds

We’re giving one lucky winner a pair of their very own cap toes or tassel loafers. You will have your choice between the Strand Cap Toe and the Grayson Tassel Loafer. Any color and size!

Just follow the giveaway link below. Keep in mind:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation link via email. Make sure to confirm your email address. Unconfirmed entries will not be eligible to win.
  2. Confirming your email grants you one entry. Share the giveaway on social media using your special link, and you’ll receive additional entries for every friend who also enters. This greatly increases your chances of winning. #obvi

We’ll pick a winner at random and contact him via email on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Open to US residents only (Sorry, international friends. Wasn’t my choice.)

Good luck!



How to Choose: A Quality Pair of Leather Shoes

The following is a guest article from Mark Lai of Sartorial Equity.


Men’s shoes have been discussed on the Internet. A lot.

The sheer amount of information can seem overwhelming. This guide is for the guys who don’t have time (or desire) to sift through all that.

How can you choose a quality pair of leather shoes? What details should you look for?

It’s not as hard as it might seem. Simplify the process and it will be easy to choose the best leather shoes for your style and budget.

All you need to know is how to spot quality uppers, which shoe construction is best, and the difference between sole materials. Let’s begin with…

Types of Leather

Leather can be broadly categorized into smooth leather and suede. Each are best suited for different occasions.

Smooth leather is the most common type. Its ability to hold a shine makes it the most appropriate for formal events. However, there are different levels of quality, even within this type of leather.

Full grain leather is the top grade. Because it isn’t “corrected” in any way (as opposed to corrected grain leather – see below), full grain leather must be relatively blemish-free.

This isn’t easy to find. Imagine the scuffs, scratches, and injuries a cow will inevitably experience throughout its lifetime.

Corrected grain leather (abbreviated as “CG” from here on) is very different. It’s made from hides that have too many blemishes to be classified as full grain.

In order to give it a uniform appearance, CG has to be sanded down and chemically treated. This treatment removes blemishes and gives CG its unnaturally smooth, often plastic-looking appearance.

How to Choose a Quality Pair of Leather Shoes

Notice the unnatural smoothness and sheen – a pair of CG shoes from Allen Edmonds

Full grain leather is the definite choice for a pair of quality shoes. Its pores aren’t “corrected” by a chemical finish and can better absorb shoe polish. With years of proper care, full grain leather shoes will develop a beautiful, rich patina.

Contrast this timeless look with the chemical finish on CG. Instead of aging into elegant footwear, CG shoes are likely to crease and crack over time.

Types of Suede

Due to the myths surrounding its fragility and need for maintenance, suede is under-appreciated by most men – and wrongfully so.

It’s a real pity, because good quality suede has a lovely, plush nap. Its depth of character is rivaled only by well-patinated leather.

The nap that gives suede its character also makes it an inherently more casual choice – especially when compared to full-grain leather. In my opinion, this makes it more versatile and more accessible for the average man, given today’s dressed-down society.

In a get-together with friends, a pair of suede shoes will fit right in. A pair of shiny leather shoes might look dressier, but they’ll also feel out of place at this kind of informal event.

Like leather, there are different grades of suede. To start with, just think of suede as the underside of your skin, with the fibers forming the suede’s nap.

The best suede is made from reverse calf – a full piece of leather, except with the skin’s underside facing outwards. This is characterised by a finer, softer nap than split-suede.

Split-suede is made from literally splitting a piece of leather down the middle and using the fibrous sides as suede, resulting in a thinner product than reverse calf.

The last type of suede made from natural materials is nubuck. It’s made by sanding down smooth leather and is less “hairy” than its above-mentioned counterparts.

There’s also synthetic suede. It is significantly more rubbery and plastic-feeling than the three types of naturally-made suede mentioned above.

Synthetic suede has a short, almost non-existent nap. A quality shoemaker will never use this, so stay clear of it.

In general, the disparity between the different types of natural suede is smaller than that between full grain and corrected grain leather. The biggest difference would be the feel of the nap, which is more a preference than a necessity.

Of course, reverse suede is thicker than split suede or nubuck, but this can be somewhat alleviated by the use of leather linings.

As for the myths surrounding suede, don’t let them put you off.

Although suede is softer to the touch than leather, it’s no less durable. In fact, suede requires less care (imagine not having to do all that shoe-polishing).

Buy a suede brush to remove any dirt. If you’re facing inclement weather, simply apply a waterproofing spray.

Shoe Construction

After ensuring the quality of your uppers focus on how the soles are attached to the uppers.

In a nutshell, there are three common types of shoe construction – Goodyear welting, Blake stitching, and cementing.

Goodyear Welting

As far as ready-to-wear shoes are concerned, Goodyear welting is arguably the most desirable method of construction.

Basically, a leather welt (i.e. a strip of leather) is used to connect the upper and the outsole. A layer of cork lies between the insole and the outsole, allowing the shoe to conform to the wearer’s foot over time.

Another benefit of Goodyear welting is in the resoling process.

Other methods of construction attach the sole directly to the shoe’s uppers, making resoling extremely damaging when the sole is pried away. The leather welt minimizes this damage, extending the shoe’s lifespan.

How to Choose a Quality Pair of Leather Shoes

Goodyear welting (left) vs Blake stitching (right) – notice the chunkier profile of the Goodyear welted shoe

Blake Stitching

Unlike Goodyear welting, Blake stitching attaches the upper directly to the insole and outsole of the shoe.

The absence of a leather welt gives a more streamlined profile, but this comes at the expense of the ability to easily resole the shoe. Since the stitching directly joins the upper to the outsole, water is more likely to penetrate the shoe.


Both Goodyear welting and Blake stitching have their respective benefits, and both are sturdy methods of construction. The same cannot be said of cementing, the cheapest and most inferior way of attaching a shoe’s sole.

Granted, advances have been made in the adhesives used for cementing, but they all eventually dry up – causing the sole to detach from the shoe.

This method is most suitable for semi-disposable shoes (think running shoes or sneakers), but not for a pair of leather shoes purchased with longevity in mind.

Note: Some cemented shoes have decorative stitching, masquerading as Goodyear welted or Blake stitched shoes.

To make sure the stitching is authentic, check to see if the stitches at the bottom of the sole are in line with those at the top of the welt.

Of course, sticking with reputable brands (such as Allen Edmonds, Loake, Meermin) will bypass the issue altogether.

The Sole of the Matter

Let’s begin with what to avoid: clunky rubber soles.

While they’re appropriate for tennis shoes, they’re an instant deal-breaker on any shoes meant for striking a good impression. Their inelegant profile protrudes in the worst possible manner, making your feet look bulbous.

Leather soles, on the other hand, are naturally suited for professional settings. They’re sleek, they’re handsome, and they produce a reassuring thud when walking.

That isn’t to say that any shoes with leather soles are intrinsically good quality. Still, cost-cutting shoe companies are unlikely to use them as their sole of choice – rubber soles are much cheaper, and much easier to attach.

Fortunately, there exists a compromise between these two extremes. Dainite produces rubber soles that give the grip of rubber with the elegance of leather.

Dainite soles are virtually indistinguishable from normal leather soles. And these things are incredibly durable. I own a pair of Dainite-soled chukkas that show barely any wear after a year and a half of abuse.

How to Choose a Quality Pair of Leather Shoes

Notice how the Dainite soles on this pair of Edward Greens are indiscernible from leather soles – at least, until the shoe is turned over

3 Essential Factors

Want to choose the perfect pair of top quality shoes? Always consider these 3 essential factors:

  • Uppers. If leather – full-grain. If suede – reverse calf, split suede, or nubuck.
  • Construction. Goodyear welted or Blake stitched.
  • Soles. Leather or Dainite.

Of course, there are secondary elements that determine the quality of a pair of shoes – like lining, shape, and style. But these shouldn’t be your priority.

Focus on the three essentials first, purchase from a reputable shoemaker, and the rest will follow naturally.

What do you look for in a pair of leather shoes? Have you added suede shoes to your regular rotation? Let us know in the comments.

5 Prada Leather Loafers Wear Tips

If you are a normal Easy Gent readers (or even when you’re just stepping into everything men’s clothing), there’s a high probability you’re while having your Prada Leather Loafers shoes and elegance basics covered.

Follow Easy Gent’s board Five Methods To Put on One on Pinterest.

Possibly you’ve grabbed your trusty set of dark jeans as well as your reliable chukka boots. But there are specific shoes moves that is one bit tricky to… walk into? (Pun intended).

Maybe you’ve even embarked into pairing tailored shorts with a few high-low style combos. One particular style that could raise some eye brows may be the Prada classic leather loafer it’s available online for using the double-monkstrap as a bit of shoes that some might forego within their rotation. But we’re here to exhibit that:

Prada loafers are just as versatile as classic white-colored athletic shoes, and

they may be worn with techniques that the father (or grandfather) never imagined of.

It is possible! Come with us and discover how.

It’s lucky that lots of refined brands do the design and style in their own individual way, from classic shoes purveyors like Allen Edmonds to pricey and sleek pieces from J. Crew.

As you may expect though, we achieve today for any premium piece in a solid cost point – yes indeed, the pick featured below comes thanks to individuals at Jack Erwin.

We’ll convey more on individuals in a moment – ideal Prada loafers if you wish to check out the design and style. They are able to swerve more formal because of the slim silhouette, yet they’re naturally a little more casual. Why? Well… it’s a loafer, not really a classic dress shoe.

You need to select something very similar. While Prada black loafers are extremely a choice, the wealthy cognac color the thing is here (along with a heck of a lot other areas) is much more casual and prepared for spring/summer time.

Search for a better Prada  loafer. While moccasin-inspired loafers work, the development and detailing leans more casual and relaxed (tougher to decorate up compared to pair the thing is here). It’s about balancing formal and casual.

Well, might taking proper care of the right set of Prada loafers. How to achieve that? Right by doing this, gents.

Fit and Care

Unlike most winter boots, loafers run fairly true to size (they also fit slimmer than thick boots). In lieu of being able to head into an actual store to try on your loafers (which is happening more and more these days), it is wise to follow a brand’s sizing guidelines.

In this instance, the Prada Loafer runs true to size (according to the brand). You want a fit that’s comfortable and ready for wearing with no-show socks for the warmer months – as you’ll see, the looks below are geared in that direction.

Once they’re on (and off) your feet, care is going to keep them going for many spring and summer seasons to come.

The simplest step comes from some good ol’ shoe-shining. This will keep that leather rich and supple – perfect for wearing those bad boys in dressy situations. Brands like Kiwi offer inexpensive, easy-to-use shoe-shine kits that come with everything from brushes to shoe-shine towels.

Selecting the right shoe polish for cognac-colored loafers is tricky. Luckily, Kiwi (among other brands) has you covered there as well. Once you’ve got the right gear, it’s just a matter of shining them regularly to keep them up to snuff.

Added touches like cedar shoe trees help your Prada loafers keep their shape while minimizing odor.

From personal experience, shining your shoes can be a nice part of a Sunday routine as you prep for the week ahead. Plus, those small steps in your routine make that quality last even longer.

So, that’s all sorted. Ready to step into some outfits? We’ll keep the style turned up and the puns turned down.


#1. Crisp and Continental

  • Cognac leather loafers
  • Tough denim jacket
  • Printed short-sleeve shirt
  • Natural denim
  • Cognac leather belt
  • Brown leather watch
  • Brown leather wallet
  • No-show socks (similar)

At first glance, it might seem like this outfit has too much going on – Prada loafers, plus a denim jacket? But bear with us…

If you’ve never given garment-dyed denim a look, spring and summer is the best time to do so. The color is a change of pace from dark denim and pairs nicely with a sturdy denim jacket.

A printed short-sleeve shirt in a slim fit is always a sure move for warm-weather style. Smart accessories like a heritage-quality belt and wallet complement the coganc loafers perfectly.

It’s an overall combo that might at first seem out of place. But, once you work loafers into ensembles that lean more casual, it gets easier and easier.

Five Ways to Wear One: Leather Loafers

#2. Sharp & Suited

  • Cognac leather loafers
  • Lightweight navy suit
  • Crisp white dress shirt
  • White cotton pocket square
  • Classic brown leather chronograph watch
  • Slim suit pant
  • No-show socks (similar)

Here we combine sharp tailoring with an equally sharp pair of loafers. It’s a step away from rocking sharp wingtips. This look will come off perfect at an outdoor wedding or a day at the office (don’t forget loafer socks, though).

For the spring and summer months, a classic navy suit serves you just as well as it would the rest of the year. Ditching the tie gives the whole ensemble a slightly more casual vibe, particularly with that crisp white shirt.

Stylish touches like an outstanding dress watch finish off this outfit quite well. Keep in mind that when you go with simple, tailored basics, it’s perfectly fine to rock a bit more of an eye-catching timepiece.

Five Ways to Wear One: Leather Loafers

#3. Easygoing Summer’s Day

  • Cognac leather loafers
  • Upgraded graphic T-shirt
  • Slim khaki shorts
  • Webbed cotton belt
  • Tortoise shell sunglasses
  • Brown leather watch
  • No-show socks (similar)

Think stylish leather loafers can only be rocked with a suit or chinos and a blazer? Step outside the box and pick up a few upgrades over standard casual fare.

An upgraded casual T-shirt is a subtle way to switch things up from a slim pocket tee (although that would also work here). Tailored khaki shorts tie the look together with spring and summer vibes.

Clean sunglasses and a go-to casual watch are the finishing touches that make this outfit work. Add a sharp spring jacket if you need something extra.


#4. High-Low Style

  • Cognac leather loafers
  • Lightweight quilted jacket
  • Red & grey baseball tee
  • Lightweight navy shorts
  • Cognac leather belt
  • Casual weekend watch
  • Classic aviator shades
  • No-show socks (similar)

Combining navy shorts with leather loafers is nothing new – the supporting pieces take this casual ensemble up a notch. A baseball tee offers old-school athletic inspiration, while a navy quilted jacket adds a monochromatic factor and hybrid style (part field coat, part rain coat).

A clean, simple watch with a striped NATO strap splashes some color in an unexpected place. The classic Aviators are always a good sunglasses option.

Oh, and the loafers stand out just enough. It’s tough to beat white sneakers in this case, but loafers are a much more refined (and unique) option.

Five Ways to Wear One: Leather Loafers

#5. Travel-Ready

  • Cognac leather loafers
  • Grey linen jacket
  • Slim white Oxford
  • French terry indigo crewneck
  • Comfy stretch denim
  • Webbed stripe belt
  • Brown leather watch
  • No-show socks (similar)

When you’re traveling between climates or seasons, sturdy, solid layers are your saving grace. Once again, these handsome Jack Erwin loafers complement a classic pair of dark denim perfectly.

Easygoing staples – a clean white Oxford and a washed indigo crewneck – are layering pieces that play off the dark denim perfectly. The grey linen jacket is simple and stylish; it’s also effective at keeping out chilly breezes as you move from place to place.

Mix things up with a webbed stripe belt and finish with a timepiece. This just might be the only watch you’ll need for a quick trip – it’s that versatile.

The Take Away

Don’t forget: one essential item – in this case, really well-built loafers – can help tie together an entire outfit.

That goes for casual ensembles as well as seasonally appropriate suits. And for those in-between situations, a crisp leather loafer can act as a casual middle ground just like a simple white leather sneaker.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and mix some of the above pieces together – a baseball tee under a slim chambray suit, for instance. Or a graphic tee under a denim jacket. A good pair of loafers grounds each look (pun very much intended).

Loafers with an upgraded silhouette and rich leather tones deserve a place in your spring/summer footwear rotation. It will be a relief to finally slip into them after months of thick boots and chilly temperatures. Start with these outfits to create your own stylish ideas.

Tell Us: How would you style these loafers? Are you on-board, or are there any looks you’d add or switch up?