Designer Watches Under $500 for Her

I have been attempting to do so”his and hers” record for some time today, but it has been tough. Locating great watches which fit in the purchase price bracket I needed to strike is a struggle. Nowadays, fantastic choices are easily available for people who are seeking a fitting combination. This Guide is based around a his and hers group, and that I located the watches for women evaluation on a few Important points:

Men normally have bigger wrist sizes compared to girls, so the set should match and possess a step down in proportion.

The watches can not be crap. Quality is essential.
The prices of each watch can not exceed $500; the collection can not exceed $750.

Ladies Watches

With these parameters set up, I must doing my homework and discovered several choices across an assortment of styles and price factors. Let us have a peek at what I discovered. Notice: that the watches are presented in no specific order. I first struck Bonvier watches a couple of years ago when they shipped the Vintage 36 and 40 to me for inspection (here is the overview of the 40, and here is a his/hers bit I did on the set ). They look yet again because they’re, in my humble view, acceptable value for what they provide. That is a fantastic price point to get a set of snazzy looking apparel pieces. The women’s leather watches sunburst bluegold, and also reddish-brown leather mix is a genuine knock-out, along with the Vintage 36 (shown here) uses a Miyota 2035 movement that’s cheap, yes, although not affordable. There are lots of Weekender variations bearing the title, together with the most notable difference being the ring or case colour. Select your preferred — they are all great, in my estimation — and love. When compared with this Bonvier or Corniche choices listed before, the Weekender is a more pragmatic — and more economical — alternative. That will not make it any less of a desired choice.

If you have read WYCA in any way, you will notice I have a good deal of admiration for your Weekender series. Value. Worth that does not come at the cost of quality, however in comparison to other higher-priced possibilities, having proper expectations helps optimize your pleasure. More on this below.

This traditional piece is just one of the most omnipresent — and famous — of cheap watches. Like the more compact 38mm, the Weekender 40 includes Indiglo — Timex’s amazing night lighting — and also nigh-unmatched affordability.

Having an MSRP a hair under $60, the Weekender 40 offers excellent value that timeless good-looks. Its suitability for any outfit makes it a persuasive daily-wearer, and using such a reduced cost, you can wear it knowing that it will not be a wallet-smasher if it be on the receiving end of a sudden abuse.

All variations of the Weekender appreciate battery life which will average approximately 5 years (presuming you go light in your usage of Indiglo). Note: with just 30m / 165ft of Watches for Women water resistance, be cautious when wearing it in case you end up near water. It will not survive a lot more than a dab.

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